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Original Biscotti

Buttery flavor with a traditional taste. It is great with a beverage or right out of the bag.


Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Buttery flavor with fine chocolate in every bite. You will taste the chocolate experience.


Chocolate – Chocolate Chip Biscotti

For the chocolate lover, the taste of Superior Cocoa, with the finest semi-sweet chocolate chips.


Cinnamon – Cranberry Biscotti

If you prefer no nuts and love the sweet taste of

cinnamon and dried cranberries

these biscotti are for you.

Ma’s Italian Biscotti


The Biscotti is a true Italian cookie made from recipes handed down from generation to generation.

The name Biscotti comes from “bis” meaning twice in Italian and “cotto” meaning baked or cooked.

Biscotti make an excellent choice for a dessert with coffee, tea, wine, ice cream or sherbet.

A feature of our Biscotti is that…
”You don’t have to dunk it to enjoy it”.

Next time you’re at your favorite restaurant
ask if they serve
Ma’s Italian Biscotti for dessert.

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